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Outstanding Service | Exclusive Quality | Healing Energy

  • Soothin Moodz has a warm and friendly feel and amazing customer service. There are so many beautiful and unique pieces that are high quality and fairly priced. I'm new to the crystal world and have found Karyn and her shop to be extremely welcoming and encouraging. Will definitely be purchasing more from here and highly recommend checking out her shop and Soothing Moodz crystals Facebook page with their live sales. Megan E.

  • Awesome crystals and products. Karen is so friendly and a hoot on her lives. Great value. Very open and loves her crystal family. Honest and very well packed delivery. Wish I lived closer as her shop looks amazing. Debbie R.

  • Absolutely love purchasing from this stop. Beautiful products and the shop has a very warm welcome to it. The quality of the products are outstanding and the prices are really reasonable. Karyn is such a beautiful soul and the community that Soothin Moodz crystals has created as a very close family vibe. Dee x

  • Amazing service!! I asked Karyn you find me a special piece for my collection. She went above and beyond to find something I might like and a few pieces to choose from… she chose the most amazing pieces that I took them all. Karyn is a beautiful soul who will help in any way she can.

    Kelly H

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  • Make your own Energy

    Today I protect my own energy first. Positive Vibrations don't vanish. Your Efforts won't go unnoticed. Encourage yourself to rise up, be who you want to be. I appreciate the blessings all around me and invite more blessings to find me.

  • Be In Charge of your own Happiness

    Authentic and Lasting Happiness comes when realize that you're the one who controls and Creates It. The more real it gets in your mind, the more real it gets in your life. Thats the power of the imagination, thankfully we all have this.

  • Ground Yourself

    The mind is the factory where dreams are made, ground yourself put yourself in a environment where you can connect. The beach, forest just walking in nature it will fill your cup and ease the mind, Plug into nature as much as you can. Best Medicine ever.

  • Being Grateful and Thankful

    Being Thankful is one of the simplest, and yet most powerful habit you can have. By counting your blessings daily, you can begin to teach your mind to look for the good in everything around you always. Many Blessings K x

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians throughout Australia. We pay our respects to all First Nations peoples and acknowledge Elders past and present.