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Satya Backflow Dhoop Cones CITRONELLA

Satya Backflow Dhoop Cones CITRONELLA

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You'll be amazed by the stunning waterfall effect created by these Citronella incense cones. This pack comprises a total of 24 dhoop cones with an estimated burning time of 15 minutes each, guaranteeing hours of heavenly aromas!

How Backflow Incense Cones work:

Instead of rising up like regular smoke in traditional incense, the smoke from your backflow incense cones cascades down the burner thanks to a small hole drilled in the bottom of the cones. While the outside of the cone burns, smoke is trapped inside where it cools until beginning to fall downwards out of the hole. This is what creates the gentle waterfall effect.

Citronella backflow cones beautiful scent to add with one of Soothin Moodz gorgeous Backflow burners. Comes in cute handbag style box for storage.

Light tip of the cone and wait until it burns evenly. Blow out the flame and place the cone on the stand provided . Enjoy the calming , never leave unattended. 

Approx 105G
Size: 10cm x 11cm 

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