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Amethyst Handbag with Gold Handles

Amethyst Handbag with Gold Handles

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Amethyst is loved by all and for good reason, this beautiful stone in purple/violet is soothing to look at and most Definity a wow crystal but also calming and will always put you into a better place. Being used for a better sleep is one of my go to crystals as insomnia is a very dark and lonely place, I feel it brings me peace and calm. Great to mediate with because is grounding and as we said previously calming effect. Amethyst is for the Crown Chakra and simulates the mind and emotions, I feel like it's a love token and given as a protection piece with intention of love to all who wear it. Can be use in witchcraft due to its amazing protection and healing vibe. Do not put in direct sunlight as it will fade and take from the vibrancy of this beautiful crystal. Meditating with this beauty will take you to a beautiful soft serene place as it's an amazing tool, there's so many amethysts some that come to mind Dream Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Ametrine just to name a few. I also recommend this for someone who is homesick. A peaceful stone for someone who is struggling with grief. When you're feeling blah make friends with Amethyst and it will sooth your mind, heart and soul.

Love and Kindness 

Karyn x 

Approx 15G
Size: 2.7cm x 2.5cm x 1cm 

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